Free public transport knowledge sharing

Free_PT.jpgMany cities in Europe are introducing free public transport. Schemes vary from completely free public transport for everyone, to free public transport for target groups – such as senior or disabled citizens – plus solutions in between. Aims of free public transport schemes vary from decreasing traffic congestion from cars, to social objectives, such as combatting isolation and loneliness. 

Free public transport projects have been implemented in Great Britain, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Estonia and Hungary. A research group has been started because of these interesting developments happening across Europe. The goal of the group is to create a database of free public transport initiatives in order to learn from current schemes and share knowledge with cities or regions interested in introducing free public transport. Mobycon is participating in the group, which is currently in the process of seeking funding from the European Commission to develop the database. 

In The Netherlands, Mobycon has extensive experience working in public transport, including creating specially-targeted transport projects, some of which have been free for users. Most recently, Mobycon has been hired to help the Province of South Holland and the municipalities of Hoekse Waard and Goeree Overflakkee identify opportunities for smarter and more efficient public transport. South Holland has allocated 20 percent of its public transport budget to free alternatives, which means great opportunities ahead. Mobycon will work on developing concrete solutions to do better by public transport users while also assisting South Holland in meeting provincial goals.

For more information about the free public transport database, contact Sebastiaan van der Vliet. For more information about the public transport project in South Holland, contact Jacky Lodewijks. In the area of public transport, Mobycon provides services such as, feasibility studies, marketing plans, implementation strategies and evaluation studies. Read more about past public transport projects here.


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