Bicycle planning & street design workshops (Ireland)

ierland_workshops.jpgCycling in Ireland is increasing. After decades of growth and prosperity for the car, the country is at the start of what looks like a massive rediscovery of bicycle transportation. Mobycon was asked by the Irish Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to advise on the design of cycling infrastructure and support the emergence of a cycling culture using our Dutch perspective. 


In the months of November and December, Consultants Angela van der Kloof and Dick van Veen travelled to small and large municipalities in Ireland spreading understanding of sustainable mobility and safe and viable design approaches for public spaces through intensive two-day workshops. The result of the multidisciplinary and open approach was that the participants worked together and became more aware of the impact the car has had on today’s situation. 


"Thanks for the training. It was very enlightening, and I hope we can make Ennis in the near future as bike-friendly as possible as quickly as possible,” one participant said after the intensive two-day workshop. 


For more information about our bicycle planning and street design workshops, please contact Angela van der Kloof or Dick van Veen.


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