Dick van Veen on placemaking through Shared Space

Shared_Space.jpgAs North American streets are becoming increasingly multimodal, it is time to expand the toolkit of design solutions. Mobycon Designer Dick van Veen recently shared his expertise on one such solution: Shared Space. This approach relies on design to encourage social instead of traffic behaviour and mixes road users without signs, lights or other forms of traffic control. Dick explains in a guest blog post for the Green Lanes Project available here or on Streetsblog where it was republished. 


Dick van Veen is an architect and engineer. He has more than 10 years of experience retrofitting streets, developing Shared Space projects and designing bike facilities and parking. In addition to his work as a designer, Dick has visited North America on numerous occasions, designing complete streets and new bikeways and sharing his experience through teaching workshops on bike facility design and placemaking to planners and traffic engineers.


Experience Shared Space in Fryslân!

Dick will be leading a Shared Space Study Tour in Fryslân on 13 February, registration is available here. Fryslân is the Dutch province where the approach originated and the location of the third international Winter Cycling Congress. For more information about Mobycon’s custom design workshops or study tours, contact Dick directly


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