Upgrading the bicycle network in South Kennemerland

The region of South Kennemerland has a large bicycle network. Recently, Mobycon finished the field analysis phase of a project meant to upgrade the regional network there, especially utilitarian routes on arterial roads, in between municipalities of the region and connecting with neighboring research.

Mobycon has been designing bicycle networks in the Netherlands for more than 25 years and has deep experience in this area. Our approach is strongly oriented toward research. For this project, consultants collected data on bottlenecks, surface maintenance and signage on the cycle paths, bike lanes and other infrastructure — including bicycle parking facilities — along 132 kilometers of bicycle network. We are now working to develop design solutions to the problems identified.

The goal in South Kennemerland is to create a network that is not only safer but also attracts more cyclists. In communities with mature cycling cultures, networks must be designed to go beyond needs. Attention must also focus on what cyclists want in order to keep the bike competitive with other modes. Mobycon has experience making these kinds of upgrades to existing networks, such as our work on Copenhagen’s cycle super highways last year with partner Copenhagenize Design Company.

For more information about Mobycon’s work designing and upgrading bicycle networks, contact Martijn van de Leur.


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