Martijn van de Leur to present at NACTO Conference 2015

Martijn van de Leur of Mobycon will be participating in the 2015 NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials) Designing Cities Conference on behalf of The Dutch Cycling Embassy.

The conference takes place October 28-31 in Austin, Texas, where key transportation officials, stakeholders and private sector stakeholders gather to learn, share and discuss best practices and policies and to establish a common vision for sustainable and healthy cities of the future. 

Martijn will present in an interactive session titled, ‘Cycling for Everyone: Lessons from the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s work in NACTO cities’. 

The Dutch Cycling Embassy’s (DCE) ThinkBike workshop has been actively bringing Dutch culture and bicycle design to NACTO cities since 2010.

The DCE consists of a network of Dutch mobility experts helping to facilitate safe and increased cycling in everyday life for cities based upon the Dutch approach.

Several ‘Ambassadors’ of Dutch cycling will be present at the session and attendees can learn about the ThinkBike workshops and how they have been a catalyst towards design and network planning in American cities.

“With rapid urbanization, the design of safe facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians is growing in importance”, said Martijn van de Leur for the official NACTO program. “We view the streets as public spaces that should be safe and accessible for all users. We aim to realize solutions that benefit the health and vitality of communities.”  

Martijn is Mobycon’s team leader for the Cycling & Behavior department and works within the fields of policy strategy, marketing and mobility management. His presentation will revolve around the topics of sustainable safety (vision zero plus) and network thinking. He will also reflect upon some of the experiences and what has been learned so far during study tours, workshops, planning and design cooperation between Dutch and the American mobility stakeholders.


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