New Dutch Canadian Mobycon Wins Business of the Year Award

Mobycon, international leader in sustainable traffic, transport and integrated mobility was awarded the “Business of the Year Award 2015” by the NCCC (Netherlands-Canadian Chamber of Commerce) in The Hague, Netherlands, November 10 - 2015.

By hiring talented Canadian-based staff with broad mobility expertise, and connections to a national network, Mobycon has gained a unique position as a Dutch research and consulting company in Canada. Team members on both sides of the ocean overcome barriers of distance and time-zones through a series of virtual tools that minimize the need for travel and maximize idea sharing and collaboration with clients and partners.

  • Training and Coaching – Bicycle Friendly Cities and intersection and road design
  • Maximizing School Safety – Traffic calming & providing safer routes for children.
  • Stakeholder Process – Partnering to create broadened support for new cycle accessibility and enhanced urban quality.
  • Preliminary Design – Accommodating increased cycling and demonstrating the Dutch approach to road and intersection design.
  • Design Peer Review – Expert reviewer resulting in innovative, high quality transport routes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Cycling Network Analysis and Design – Partnering to analyze and develop a comprehensive and inclusive cycling network.
  • Mobycon

Mobycon is a leader in traffic transport and integrated mobility. Its multidisciplinary team has been delivering mobility products and consulting services that support the creation of healthy, connected and liveable communities for nearly 30 years. Mobycon is based in Delft, The Netherlands and has recently opened a new North American office in Ottawa, Ontario.
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Johan Diepens
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Elizabeth Allingham
Director North America
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http://www.mobycon.nl (Dutch)

The Business of the Year Award was accepted by Mobycon Founder and CEO Mr.Johan Diepens who also delivered a keynote presentation at the annual NCCC event. “Our countries are joined by a rich history of collaboration and together we can shape the future of urban mobility and livable cities” said Diepens. “This award is a great honour and highlights the efforts of the entire team”.

H.E. Ms. Sabine Nölke, the recently appointed Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands also spoke at the event and shared her first impressions of the Netherlands.

Diepens has helped shape mobility patterns in Holland for nearly 30 years. His expertise in mobility, combined with a sound business sense, have served as the foundation for Mobycon success in Canada.

With a bold vision to use a “Dutch Approach” to inspire Canadian cities can be less car dependant and to embrace a range of more active modes, Mobycon is showing that change is possible.  While Mobycon has been involved in an increasing number of bicycle related projects there is also increasing demand around traffic safety, traffic calming, shared space, Vision Zero and study tours to the Netherlands.

By hiring talented Canadian-based staff with broad mobility expertise, and connections to a national

The award is the result of the overall efforts in Canada since Mobycon began working there in 2011. Among the projects Mobycon has been involved in:

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The Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce

The Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is a non-profit organization promoting trade, investment, industry, commercial services and cultural affairs between Canada and the Netherlands.”


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