Cityscapes: Lively Streets and Social Capital

During his visit to Ottawa, Dick Van Veen had the opportunity to participate in an engaging conversation with Emily Munroe, Executive Director of 8:80 Cities, moderated by local Ottawa city Councilor Tobi Nussbaum. The talk, hosted at Lowertown Brewery, provided an opportunity for Dick to discuss some of his experience in creating living streets in a more informal setting. 

With probing questions from both Councillor Nussbaum and others in attendance, both Dick and Emily were able to provide great insights on how to move Ottawa forward based on their diverse experiences. Topics ranging from financing cycling infrastructure to creating safe school zones were covered, leaving lots of food for thought for all in attendance. 

This event was a great opportunity for the community to engage with the experts and gain a further understanding on how to move towards safer, living streets in Ottawa. 

 Cityscapes: Lively Streets and Social Capital


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