Night Cycling Network nominated for Dutch Traffic Safity Award

Mobycon’s Night Cycling Network nominated for the Dutch Traffic Safety Award!

We are proud to announce that our client, the city of Zoetermeer has been nominated for the Dutch Traffic Safety Award.

Mobycon was pleased to work with the City of Zoetermeer on the “Night Cycling Network”. This initiative used innovative techniques to maximize safety for cyclists, not only by day, but by night!

Click here to see the video footage for this exciting project! An English summary is provided below.

 In 1960, Zoetermeer was made up of a few small towns. The city has grown immensely over the last three decades. The city is currently home to over 100,000 inhabitants.

From the beginning bicycle safety has been a topic of high priority for the city. With a completely separate bicycle road network, the municipality has continually been engaged in cycling safety. Some of the ways this has been accomplished are large, while others small, such as painted green separation barriers to narrow the road (as you can see in the video at 0:26). 

The goal of all bicyle tunnels and bridges is to ensure cyclists' safety however, there can be some disadvantages, specifically at night. Due to the increased distance between the bicycle path and the roads, cyclists felt less safe and isolated. Previously, cyclists did not use these bicycle paths in the evening as much as they did during the day. 

The municipality of Zoetermeer has created an innovative solution to this problem: "Nachtnet fiets" or, "Night Cycling Network". Cycles routes became safer by, for example, removing bushes and the addition of effective lighting. In some situations even party lighting! (See video at 0:58). Examples of the spectacular lighting are shown in the "Burgemeester Waaijerbrug"(see at 1:02), through glow in the dark road markings, which charge during the day through sunlight and in the "Zoetermeerse Discotunnel (see at 1:11). Solutions like these are increasing traffic safety and are also an open invitation for people to enjoy evening bike rides with friends, and that will lead to even more safety as there will be more eyes on the Streets overall. The development of the "Night Cycling Network" project took over 10 years and the City of Zoetermeer is happy to announce the upcoming official opening on October 1st 2016.

Mobycon is proud to have played a role in the implementation of this project. Congratulations to the Municipality of Zoetermeer on their nomination and best of luck with the Dutch Traffic Safety Award (http://www.nvvc-congres.nl/nvvp).

For more information please visit: http://www.mobycon.com/action/news/item/1043/promoting-cycling-by-improving-social-safety.html 


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