CIPTEC crowdsourcing platform for Public Transport of the future

 Mobycon is currently involved in the European Horizon 2020 research and innovation project ‘CIPTEC’ (‘Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities’). One of the main aims of this project is to use collective intelligence to gather new ideas that will promote innovation in public transport. That is why we have created a crowdsourcing platform where people can share their ideas to co-shape the Public Transport of the future. The best ideas, which will arise from users’ evaluation as well as from a special committee in the field of transport, will be rewarded, made known and realized!

Do you want to benefit from the intelligence of the crowd? Do you want to establish synergies with the network of the CIPTEC Consortium members? Become an Ambassador of the Crowdsourcing Campaign and be part of the CIPTEC network!  

You can watch the video for more information or take a look at the site how you can support the campaign and how you can disseminate the crowdsourcing platform to your members, customers, partners et cetera.

We, Mobycon, are very enthusiastic about this and hope you will participate too!


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