Luxembourg looks to pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly laws

Improving walking and cycling is high on the national agenda in Luxemburg.

With the perspective of reaching 25% of all trips made by bike or on foot by 2020, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures (MDDI) of Luxembourg is looking for means to encourage everyone throughout the country to take up cycling and walking. 

One of the solution approaches the MDDI is pursuing is to overhaul the country’s traffic regulatory framework. 

To that end, Mobycon was asked to review and document the legal (best) practices of four countries – namely Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands – to provide the MDDI with possible solutions to inspire them in their upcoming reform. 

Rules and regulations framing the design, implementation and judicial decisions were thus explored in the four countries, covering 18 diverse topics such as advisory bike lanes, curb-height pedestrian crossings, right-of-way and liability. 

To give depth to those rules and regulations, Mobycon researched both subjective and objective sources, such as publications from governmental agencies, interest groups’ websites, and case law. 

The findings were presented last February by our consultant Quentin Freixo to the steering committee in charge of discussing, formulating, and proposing legal changes in Luxembourg. 

This committee, chaired by the MDDI’s active transportation department (mobilité douce), and composed of members representing the Police, Traffic Safety, Public Works, the City of Luxembourg, and the Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ (Luxembourg’s cycling union) amongst others, will make recommendations to the minister in May 2017.


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