Mobycon supports Dutch road operator in EU ITS project

The Dutch national road operator RijkswaterstaatTwo Mobycon colleagues in the Netherlands, Ronald Jorna and Hélène van Heijningen, support the Dutch national road operator Rijkswaterstaat in a series

in a series of European Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects. Rijkswaterstaat is one of the most advanced road operators in Europe and cooperates in these projects with other European public and private road operators. The projects are partly (20-50%) funded by the Connecting Europe Facility program of the European Commission which runs from 2014 to 2020. 

All four current projects aim at the implementation of seamless, interoperable and harmonized ITS services across Europe. Driving across borders between the various European countries, road users should have the same look-and-feel of ITS services, and the services should be interoperable, and not be stopped at the border. This holds for the more traditional ITS services such as on-trip traffic information and incident warnings, but even more so for the new types of ITS services such as cooperative ITS (C-ITS) and automated vehicles, where interoperable systems and services are of paramount importance.

The European ITS platform (EU EIP) aims at standardized and harmonized services across Europe, including knowledge transfer between the road operators. The second project is a so-called program support action called DATEX II developing and promoting further the standardized e-language for traffic and travel data exchange between traffic control centers, traffic information centers and service providers across Europe. In each of these projects Rijkswaterstaat cooperates with 13 other European Union Member States. The projects Arc Atlantique and Ursa Major are two so-called ITS corridor projects, the first running from Ireland to France and Spain via the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the second running from the Netherlands to Italy via Germany and the Alps. On these corridors, a range of ITS systems and services are implemented with the aim to improve the safety and efficiency and reduce emissions on these corridors. 

Some of the key issues currently addressed by the projects are (among others):

  • Harmonization and monitoring of the National Access Points resulting from the European Commission’s Delegated Regulations on safe and secure truck parking, safety related traffic information and real time traffic information
  • Cooperative ITS, in cooperation with the European C-ITS Platform
  • Automated driving and the requirements of the road operators
  • Value chains and work processes for ITS services
  • Pilot implementation of an intermodal route planner for containers
  • Implementation of spatial data exchange
  • Quality of data.  

More information on all these projects can be found at http://www.its-platform.eu. For more information and/or if you are interested to receive the project’s newsletter, you can contact Ronald Jorna. 


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