PRO-E-BIKE launched during Carrier Bike Event 2013

How about a hot out of the oven pizza, delivered by bike? Hans Kooijman’s carrier bike makes this possible. Il Forno Mobile and other carrier bikes will be unveiled at Bakfiets Treffen 2013 on Sunday, April 7, an event which also marks the launch of PRO E-BIKE.

PRO-E-BIKE is a project focused on stimulating the use of electronic bikes and scooters for the delivery of goods and passenger transport in urban areas. The project is a part of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

of the European Commission, which aims for a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions and 20 percent improvement in both energy efficiency and consumption of renewable energy within the EU by 2020. Senior Consultant Ronald Jorna will lead Dutch management of this project, which is created in partnership with a total of 10 European countries and led by the Croatian National Energy Institute.

PRO-E-BIKE will undertake pilot projects among target groups that include delivery companies, companies with their own delivery personnel, public administration, local authorities and citizens in selected urban areas. The projects will be aimed at building understanding and raising confidence in e-bike technology with the hope that target groups will replace conventionally-fueled vehicles with e-bikes.

At this first event related to PRO-E-BIKE, Bakfiets Treffen 2013 will allow producers and dealers of carrier bikes to present their products to visitors who will have the opportunity to test bikes. Several members from different countries belonging to the European Cycle Logistics Federation will attend the event. Participants will include Bakfiets.nl, Urban Arrow, Bullit, Babboe, Johnny Loco, Christiania, Nihola, Elian Cargobike, Brox, Ilse-bikes, Flevotrike, Fr8, Gazelle Cabby, Vrijwiel, De Fietsfabriek, Vrachtfiets.nl and Long John. Bakfiets Treffen 2013 is presented in cooperation with the Sports Entrepreneurs’ Bureau of the HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen). 

For more information about the PRO-E-BIKE project, please contact Ronald Jorna  r.jorna@mobycon.nl. Ronald is a Senior Consultant with more than 20 years experience working on European projects and expertise in ICT and freight transport, as well as cycling.


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