Mobycon consultant juror for international bike facility design

Take some prefabricated steel boxes, an idea for providing cyclists with the facilities they need and some visionary architecture and design students and this is the Trimo Urban Crash Competition  held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

 Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof was invited to be a member of the 10-person jury evaluating designs. Together with architects, academics, artists, politicans and cycling advocates from England, Poland, Slovenia and The United States, Angela employed her extensive knowledge of planning for the comfort of cyclists by helping to select the 31 projects short-listed from the 220 entered. The jurors evaluated the projects as they relate to the street in Ljubljana where the winning design will be built.
The challenge of this year’s competition was to design a Bike Base or one compact and sustainable structure where cyclists can meet; freshen up and rest; have their bike serviced; charge cellphones laptops and electric bikes, and of course, check email. All designs had to be constructed from no more than three of the modular units manufactured by Trimo, which is a company specialized in developing steel buildings.
Check out the winner and short-listed projects on the Trimo Urban Crash website
Contact Angela van der Kloof a.vanderkloof@mobycon.nl for more information.  Angela is a Senior Consultant with expertise in sustainable mobility and behavior change in the Dutch and international context.


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