Public Transportation Vision Limburg

The province of Limburg in the South of The Netherlands is preparing for the regional future of public transportation. Determining future demand for public transportation is an enormous task that involves working with all the municipalities in the region. Mobycon has been hired to help with this process, which will result in an overall public transportation vision.

In order to collect input and ideas from municipalities about the plans of the province, Mobycon is helping to organize a series of workshops. The challenge will be to maintain the current public transportation system while also improving the system to meet future need on a smaller budget. One solution to balancing the needs of the current system with future demand involves creating customized offerings. Regio Taxi is a demand responsive transportation service that provides mobility for senior and disabled citizens.  Another approach is to manage demand through targeting specific modes for different types of trips, such as community buses driven by volunteers. Cycling can be integrated through improved transfer points between the public transport system and bicycle parking facilities and rental bikes.

Mobycon is experienced at developing public transportation visions and plans, demand-responsive transportation services and plans related to all modes of transportation.  For more information, contact Mobycon’s Director Otto Cazemieror read more about our Services.


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