E-Bikes: A mobility trend from The Netherlands

It is no secret that we Dutch bike a lot but for trips beyond 5 kilometres or about 3 miles, the mode share for cycling begins to drop. We are making an effort to use our roads better instead of building more and targeting different modes of transportation is part of that effort. The emergence and development of the electric bicycle is helping to make the two-wheeled transport viable for trips longer than 5 kilometres. 

In fact, the e-bike could have a significant impact on trips of 7.5 to 15 kilometres. If 20 percent of trips this distance were made by e-bike that would amount to 1.6 million trips every day. The cost savings of making these trips by bike instead of car amounts to 1.5 billion euro annually. To make an impact, the workplace is a good place to start exposing people to the potential of the e-bike. 

We have begun working with employers on an e-bike loan program that gives interested employees the opportunity to try out a bike for two weeks before passing it along to a colleague. Through experience, we believe it is possible to turn more motorists into cyclists. 

For more information about the relay bike program, contact Liesbeth van Alphen


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