Meeting transportation demand with a flexible system

The province of Limburg in the South of The Netherlands is preparing for the regional future of public transportation. This task involves working with all municipalities in the region and forecasting their future transportation needs. The challenge will be to meet future regional demand while also maintaining the current system, all on a smaller budget. 

Demand-responsive transit, often called Regiotaxi in The Netherlands, is one solution for providing service in areas where a fixed route is not feasible or to provide mobility for special target groups, such as disabled and senior citizens who encounter problems using regular public transport. Demand can also be managed by targeting specific modes for different types of trips. More trips can be made by bike when bicycle parking and rental bikes are well integrated with public transportation. Bus service can be expanded with community programs that employ volunteer drivers. With smart organization and creativity, accessibility does not have to be negatively affected by financial difficulty. 

At Mobycon, we have years of experience developing visions and plans that lead to integrated public transportation systems. We also have specific knowledge about the needs of special user groups and are the market leader for demand-responsive transport and paratransit in The Netherlands. Mobycon’s Director, Otto Cazemier will travel to the U.S. to discuss paratransit and flexible transportation solutions at the 2014 Paratransit Conference in Monterey, California 2014. 

For more information, contact Otto o.cazemier@mobycon.nl or check the calendar on the website of the Transportation Research Board.


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