Calgary's cycle track project moving forward

Calgary_DT_Cycle_Track.pngLast week in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the City Centre Cycle Track Network project got a boost.  The Special Project Committee on Transportation & Transit approved the project at a public meeting. This means the project will go before the full City Council for a vote on April 28. Mobycon has been involved in this project and we are watching anxiously to see what happens next week.  

The project has generated a lot of debate, but it is also being endorsed by diverse voices. It is not only advocates for the environment and for bikes but also business and public health leaders who are coming out in support of the project citing benefits like marketing the city, attracting talented workers and supporting local business. So far, Calgary Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce, a business zone in the downtown, public health leaders and even Olympic speed skater Denny Morrison have all spoken out for the project. Some developers are also building facilities for cyclists, such as showers and secure parking into new downtown office towers.

The proposed project includes 5 cycle tracks in the downtown that would be built as pilots. After one year, the cycle tracks would be evaluated and a decision made about whether to keep the tracks or remove them. If approved, construction on the project would begin this summer. It is estimated the pilot will cost $9.3 million and $5.2 million extra to make the project permanent. For more details on the project, click here.

Mobycon consultants traveled to Calgary last summer to meet with stakeholders and study transportation patterns and target groups in order to develop a comprehensive and inclusive cycling network. We are working in partnership with the consulting firm Stantec on this project.  In our international work, we aim to build strong partnerships with local consultants and professional service firms. We believe partnership is the smartest way to apply Dutch cycling expertise abroad.

For more information about this project or general inquiries about partnerships, please contact Johan Diepens, Angela van der Kloof or Quentin Dumont-Freixo.


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