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Johan Diepens Introducing BRUTUS, the Bicycle Traffic Model

If you are reading this, you are well aware that The Netherlands is perhaps the best cycling country in Europe (but this is a battle we fight with the Danes). Actually, the bike is so common that sometimes it is forgotten. A good example is traffic models. For decades we have had models for car and public transport, but it was more difficult to adjust a model for the bicycle. With recent developments, such as increasingly crowded paths, the rise of the e-bicycle and no reduction in numbers of bicycle accidents, I am happy to report this gap has been bridged. Our company has partnered with a Finnish company Strafica to offer a traffic model based on bicyclists. Strafica has a revolutionary outlook on traffic models and BRUTUS, as the model is called, is strongly based on bicyclists and their needs. We have successfully applied BRUTUS to the Uithof campus of Utrecht University. Now, we are working on the construction and realisation of BRUTUS for the entire region of Utrecht, which is an area of more than 650,000 inhabitants. This is just one of our contributions to keeping The Netherlands as the top cycling country in Europe!

If you are interested in learning how BRUTUS can support the cycling policy on your campus or in your city or region, contact me.

Johan Diepens, CEO & Founder Mobycon

train the Bicycle Trainer

Train the Bicycle Trainer naar boven

The simple bicycle, a tool for social equity, an affordable and independent transportation option for everyone, until it isn't. Until you find yourself as an immigrant adult in a foreign country, where the bicycle is an unofficial national symbol and you don't know how to ride one. Angela van der Kloof tackles this adversity by helping immigrant women take their new Dutch life by the handlebars - teaching them how to ride a bicycle.
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Bicycle Network Study for the City of Calgarynaar boven

In 2011, the City of Calgary set a target of creating 30 kilometres of cycle tracks to provide Calgarians with improved mobility options. Mobycon cooperated with Canadian engineering firm Stantec to analyse transportation patterns and target groups in order to develop a comprehensive and inclusive cycling network.
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Welcoming tourists with sustainable mobility naar boven

Holidays are too precious to waste time sitting in traffic jams. Forward-thinking European destinations are making efforts to manage seasonal transportation demand and at the same time giving their visitors another reason to come. Check out the STARTER project.
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Logo tra

Upcoming Conferences naar boven

Liesbeth van Alphen will present "STARTER: jointly working on sustainable mobility in touristic areas," at the TRA2014 conference April 15 in Paris.
Also in Paris, Angela van der Kloof will present "Bicycle Lessons, Activity and Empowerment" at the Congress on Women's Issues in Transportation, April 14-16.
Mobycon consultants will present on the topic of driverless cars and road safety and share expertise at the marketplace on cycling and road safety at the Dutch National Road Safety Conference April 24.

Suburban bike

Aiming to increase suburban bike commuting naar boven

Bike routes between cities are being made more safe, comfortable and coherent in the region of Copenhagen, where Mobycon has recently completed two projects. In addition to physical improvements, these new routes are actually being branded to make them recognisable over distance. Hand-in-hand with better routes, come e-bicycles. Together these efforts are meant to support Copenhagen's goal of reaching 50 percent mode share for cycling.
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Designing bus for all

Designing bus stops for all naar boven

Mobycon has evaluated the design over 1,000 existing bus stops in the Dutch province of North Brabant, since 2009. Now, 80 percent of the bus stops have been retrofitted to increase accessibility for disabled and senior citizens.
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A pioneering cycling city 40 years laternaar boven

Tilburg was a pioneer when Dutch cities first began building bicycle-specific infrastructure in the late 1970s. Consultant Angela van der Kloof is a resident of that city. She was recently asked to share her expertise and give an analysis of where Tilburg is succeeding in the realm of cycling and where there is room for improvement.
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Featured Video: Safe Cycle Track Intersections naar boven

To help designers and engineers better understand the Dutch approach to cycle track intersections, Mobycon Designer Dick van Veen teamed up with Mark Wagenbuur, the blogger behind Bicycle Dutch, to create this informative video. For more information on the topic, follow Dick on Twitter [] where he loves discussing all things related to bicycles, public space and design. Dick has taught design workshops all over the United States and Europe.

Resources for increasing sustainable mobility

Resources for increasing sustainable mobilitynaar boven

12 percent of Europeans cycle daily according to a new study, but to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 60 percent by 2050, we need to do more. Working together to develop competitive and resource-efficient urban mobility is a key takeaway from the Commission's new urban mobility package, which is meant to guide policy at the European level and within Member States. Mobycon has been working together with partners across Europe on large-scale pilot projects in the area of sustainable mobility for more than 10 years.
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New tool adds value for cycling policy naar boven

Is your city, region, tourism body, company or other organization seeking to promote cycling? NAVIKI is a software product that gives planners valuable information for developing cycling policy and offers cyclists everyday convenience. Mobycon presents NAVIKI together with our German partner beemo GmbH.
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Study tour | Mobycon

Looking for more Dutch bicycle expertise? naar boven

Spring is here and Mobycon is ready to help you gear up for more cycling. We invite you to visit us in The Netherlands for a customized study tour, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the Dutch cycling tradition. We can also come to your community and recommend the Kickstand Sessions to communities working to build a vision for the future of cycling. These master classes cover bicycle planning, policy and culture. Additionally, our experienced consultants give customized workshops focused on time-tested approaches for designing cycle tracks, safe intersections, transit stops and more. 

For more information about any of these services, contact Elizabeth Allingham in Canada,
Mary Hudson Embry in the United States or Johan Diepens if you are located in any other country.


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