Aiming to increase suburban bike commuting

Bike routes between cities are being made more safe, comfortable and coherent in the region of Copenhagen, where Mobycon has recently completed two projects. In addition to physical improvements, these new routes are actually being branded to make them recognisable over distance. Hand-in-hand with better routes, come e-bicycles. Together these efforts are meant to support Copenhagen’s goal of reaching 50 percent mode share for cycling.

Copenhagen’s Cycle Super Highways 

The Copenhagen metropolitan region is working with more than 20 surrounding municipalities to build a system of connecting cycle super highways expected to mobilize 10,000 new bike commuters. Mobycon and Danish partner, Copenhagenize Design Co. were hired to do a study of the two already existing cycle super highways in the region. 

The study resulted in a catalogue of recommended features meant to make cycling competitive with driving or riding public transport. Designing the cycle super highways to meet wants as well as needs of cyclists is key to making the bike a desirable mode of transportation. International best practices were researched to offer the most innovative solutions for dealing with some of the discomforts of the current situation, such as strong wind and wayfinding difficulties. 

Electric bikes

E-bikes are growing in popularity in The Netherlands. These bikes come in a variety of forms from cargo bikes to utility and commuter bikes, but are united by one feature, an electric motor with a rechargeable battery that can be used to supplement pedal-power up to 25 km/hour. Once the E-bike goes faster, the support stops automatically.

The Region of Copenhagen wanted to better understand the potential of electric bicycles and hired Mobycon for this project. Comparing the e-bike to conventional bikes, our study explained the advantages e-bikes offer, especially for commuters fighting windy weather. Key topics covered by the study included safety, health, environment, infrastructure, market development and promotion.

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