EcoMobility SHIFT for Sustainable Policy

Many cities have goals regarding the environment, but translating goals into effective policy can be challenging. A new tool aims to make this process easier. EcoMobility SHIFT is a tool municipalities can use to perform a self-assessment meant to measure their current efforts toward sustainable urban traffic and transport. Oss is the first Dutch city to utilize this new tool.

Using EcoMobility SHIFT, Oss will be able to rate itself according to 20 indicators related to the following areas: municipal services, public space, modal shift, road safety and the environment. After the self-assessment, an external auditor verifies the rating to ensure accuracy. Through the assessment, Oss will be able to compare its current efforts to established guidelines for each of the 20 indicators to determine performance level, and thus areas for improvement that could be addressed through policy.

EcoMobility SHIFT was originally developed through a European-Commission sponsored project in which Mobycon was involved. It has been developed with partners across the European Union and is applicable in many different locations.  

For more information about the EcoMobility SHIFT, contact Martijn van de Leur


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