Groningen embraces e-trike

Hero Havenga is the owner of Gold Country, an organic farm north of the Dutch city of Groningen. He regularly delivers the produce grown on his farm to consumers and restaurants inside the city. In October, Havenga will be using an electric tricycle to make those deliveries. Using an e-tricycle means that Havenga can carry a heavy load from the country to the city while avoiding carbon emissions.  

The e-tricycle is available to Havenga through a program aimed at entrepreneurs in the Groningen-Assen region. Through “Go Smarter Travel & Work,” participants can try out e-tricycles for two weeks periods. Those who wish to purchase e-tricycles are eligible for an 800 euro subsidy, if they participate in a study being undertaken by Mobycon.

This program is sponsored by the BEST-FACT project. BEST-FACT aims to inventory and disseminate best practices for urban freight distribution, green logistics and intermodal transport and e-freight. Mobycon is a project partner of BEST-FACT, which is funded by the European Commission. 

For more information about the program, contact Ronald Jorna.


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