North Amsterdam parking vision centre (The Netherlands) 

Client and question: Mobycon was commissioned by the project company Noordwaarts (City of Amsterdam) to develop a parking vision for the large-scale spatial developments (living-working-shopping) around the Buikslotermeer Square in North Amsterdam (the final destination of the North-South Metro Line). 

Result: A parking vision was developed, based on a target group analysis. It contains information on how to best organize parking in the aforementioned region and differentiates between parking on private property and parking in a public parking garage. It also contains an analysis of the risks related to potential organizational and financial decisions. We cooperated with KuiperCompagnons for the legal translation of this parking vision into the development plan.

Reassessment of the parking chain in Delft (The Netherlands)

Client and question: Following a significant savings target, the City of Delft requested a reassessment of its internal parking chain.

Result: One of the areas where the city wished to economize, was in the activities related to developing and implementing municipal parking policy. Mobycon reassessed the city’s parking chain by investigating where to economize specifically, and illustrated the consequences of this economy for the municipal organization. 

Developing and implementing parking policy in Diemen (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The municipality of Diemen commissioned Mobycon to develop and implement a new parking policy.

Result: We developed a new parking policy with the implementation of paid parking as the most important result. Following the presentation of this new parking policy, we were asked take the following step of implementing it. In order to do this, we appointed a parking manager involved in developing parking regulation zones, special regulations and parking exploitation, and who also manages the process of selecting appropriate parking equipment. We furthermore supported the municipality by offering hands-on organizational advice through the development of a plan of action for the issuing of parking permits and a specific parking organization plan.



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