Traffic- and transport structures 

Mobility Policy Gouda (The Netherlands)

Client and question: Gouda is a municipality in the Western part of the Netherlands with about 70,000 inhabitants over an area of 16 km2. The municipality has a regional function. The share of cycling trips up to 7.5km is 44%, which is in the ‘very high share’ category in the Netherlands. 

In the new Mobility Policy, the city of Gouda wanted to focus on developing the long-term vision of how to integrate car, bicycle and pedestrian trips in the municipality.

Result: We developed the new policy for the city with special attention to the synchronization of mobility aspects with the spatial planning policy of the city, in order to capture the long-term vision for the integration of the different modes. This resulted in a broad mission statement, accompanied by a list of concrete projects and network designs assisting the municipality in achieving its goals and improving the conditions for sustainable modes of transportation.

The proposed cycling infrastructure network for 2020.



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