Individual Speed Adaptation


Reason for development:

Vehicle2Vehicle en Vehicle2Infrastructure communication allows detection of bicycles and other vehicles to anticipate on them by adapting speed or braking.


Idea in short: By adapting the speed of individual cars, based on their position on the road network and specific characteristics of the vehicle, safety of specific road user groups can be increased.

Developed by: Consortium NextGentITS
Type of app: Vehicle
Sub category: Warning system, speed
Focus of the app: Infrastructure(Bicycle)2Vehicle
Action by: Vehicle
Area: Everywhere
Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Always
Status: Existing Spread: In development
Availability: Not implemented yet Costs: Unknown


With GPS the car ‘knows’ where he is and the speed is adapted according to the speed limits in that area and the acceptable speed limit for that type of car.
Additional information:

Potential effects

Safety effects: Lower speed: less chance on a collision and in case of an collision: reduced impact.



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