Countdown Traffic Light (also with rain sensor)

Reason for development:

LED Countdown Meter reminds drivers and pedestrians of the waiting time through counting down numbers to effectively reduce the rate of traffic accidents. In Groningen in The Netherland (second picture from the left), the traffic light detects arriving cyclist, than the countdown system starts.


Idea in short: Traffic light gives information about the expected waiting time during red light.

Developed by:Different companies  
Type of app: Infrastructure Sub category: Traffic light
Focus of the app: Infrastructure2Cyclist Action by: Cyclist
Area: Main cycle routes Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Always
Status: Existing Spread: Different countries
Availability: Available Costs: Unknown


  • Different ways to mark the countdown time.
    Some traffic lights work with a sensor to activate the count down system (dynamic). Others are static.

Potential effects

Safety effects: Less red light offences



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