Light Lane Bicycle

Reason for development:

LightLane was originally created for a design competition in 2009 to promote commuting by bicycle. Although the concept did not win, the response was overwhelming, encouraging the inventors to continue development.


Idea in short: A green laser projects a cycle lane behind the bicycle

Developed by: Evan Gant, Alex Tee, USA
Type of app: Infrastructure Sub category: Street projection
Focus of the app: Bicycle2Infrastructure Action by: Other road user
Area: Mainly urban Time / day: Night
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Not related
Status: Development Potential spread: Starting countries
Availability: Prototype Costs: Unknown


Preliminary Design Specifications:

  • High Visibility DPSS Green Lasers
  • Super-Bright Red LED’s
  • 3-Hour Runtime on rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Robust universal attachment bracket
  • Compatible with universal mobile-phone charger standard
  • Patent Pending

Potential effects

Safety effects:

  • Visibility of the bicycle
  • Creation of a safety zone behind the bicycle



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