Reason for development:

To have better sight and to avoid turning around on the bicycle to know what is going on behind you.


Idea in short: A rear camera records the movements around the bicycle and the images are shown on a display on the steer. The cyclist knows what is going on behind the bicycle without having to make extra manoeuvres. This allows the cyclist to keep focus on the road and to avoid instability.

Developed by: Evan Solida from Cervellum  
Type of app: Bicycle Sub category: Physical problems
Focus of the app: Bicycle Action by: Cyclist
Area: All Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Not related
Status: In development (copyright) Spread: USA, UK
Availability: Unknown Costs: Unknown


  • 7 function wireless cyclometer
  • ANT+
  • 10-minute video recording
  • Accident recording
  • 3.5”transflective LCD
  • LED taillight
  • 227 grams

Additional information:

From spring 2012: additional heart-rate, cadence and power upgrades available.

Potential effects

Safety effects:

  • Decrease of blind spot of the bicycle
  • Better idea of what is going on behind the bicycle which allows to anticipate
  • Less movements with the body so less problems with stability

Other benefits:

Stats about cycling like speed, distance, time, … Prove in case of accident because of the footage




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