Traffic Eye Zurich

Reason for development:

To prevent conflicts between trams, busses and other traffic on intersections, bicycles get green before public transport to increase the safety and comfort of the cyclist. Extra green is only given when cyclists are detected to ensure optimal use of the intersection.


Idea in short: Application to let cyclist safely co-use the same road space as the tram, especially at intersections.

Developed by: City of Zu?rich  
Type of app: Infrastructure Sub category: Traffic light
Focus of the app: Infrastructure2Bicycle Action by: Traffic light
Area: Urban areas Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Always
Status: Existing Spread: Zu?rich
Availability: Available Costs: Unknown


Potential effects

Safety effects: Preference for cyclists at traffic lights to prevent for risky situations with trams and busses

Other benefits:

  • Efficient use of the intersection – only advanced green if there are bicycles
  • Streets with tram rails can also be used as cycle route (in case of lack of space for alternatives)



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