Bicycle Braking Light

Reason for development:

Avoid bicycle to bicycle collision due to a braking bicycle before you.


Idea in short: The back light of the bicycle lights extra strong when the cyclist starts to brake.

Developed by: Lucidbrake03, USA  
Type of app: Bicycle Sub category: Warning system
Focus of the app: Bicycle Action by: Other road user
Area: Everywhere Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Twilight, night
Status: Existing Spread: In development
Availability: Extra on bicycle Costs: Unknown



Back light, most likely connected to a sensor registering deceleration.

Additional information:

When cycling in a group, for example a group of sportive cyclists (racing), many accidents happen because the cyclists at the back notice too late that the cyclists in front use their brakes. With the braking light, the cyclists at the back of the group are more likely to see the braking action in time.

Potential effects

Safety effects:

  • Better visibility of cyclists
  • Less chance to have a head-tail collision between two cyclists



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