Route planner Gent

Reason for development:

To provide cyclist with the possibility to look for safer routes and avoiding typical unsafe situations.


Idea in short: Route planner allowing planning a safe cycle route, avoiding (perceived) dangerous situations for cyclists.

Developed by: Not known

Type of app: Internet
Sub category: Route planner
Focus of the app: Website2Cyclist
Action by: Cyclist
Area: Everywhere Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere
 Weather: Always
Status: Existing
 Spread: Gent, Belgium
Availability: On the website
 Costs: Free


  • The online search engine allows to look for routes excluding typical unsafe situations for cyclists like tram tracks, busy intersections, etc.
  • Typical dangerous situations can be taken into account when looking for the safest route: tram tracks, cobblestones, ramps, busy roads, roads with bad maintenance.
  • In the search options the possibility of ‘recreational trip’ can be checked which allows more separate cycle routes in the choice.
  • Information to be shown on the map can be selected: type of cycle network, services, and obstacles.

Potential effects

Safety effects:

  • Safer routes
  • Smaller chance to get involved in situations that are dangerous for cyclists

Other benefits:

• Easier route finding for cyclists



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