Reason for development:

Energy efficient lighting that can be applied on infrastructure surfaces. The batteries last about five years, so no external energy supply is needed. Leds are visible at two kilometer distance without causing light pollution.


Idea in short: Increased visibility of cycle infrastructure by leds integrated in the cycle lane.

Developed by: Falco
Type of app: Infrastructure
Sub category: Visibility
Focus of the app: Infrastructure Action by: Other road users
 Area: Everywhere Time / day: Twilight, night
Geography: Everywhere Weather: Always
Status: Existing Spread: Netherlands
Availability: On the market Costs: Unknown


  • Leds with batteries that last five years
  • No external energy supply
  • Robust

Potential effects

Safety effects:

  • Visibility
  • Reduction of collisions

Other benefits:

• Possibility for warning for other dangers, for example icy road conditions




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