Citizens Connect

Reason for development:

To act as fast as possible on reports of citizens and to encourage them to take actively part in keeping the public environment livable. Citizens Connect is the City of Boston's award-winning effort to empower Boston residents to be the City's "eyes and ears" throughout our neighborhoods. Through this program, you can now use your mobile phone in five different ways to alert the City of Boston to neighborhood issues such as potholes and graffiti.


Idea in short: App for nomadic devices aiming at involvement of citizens in keeping the public environment livable and safe.

Developed by: City of Boston
Type of app: Nomadic
Sub category: Reporting & action
Focus of the app: Cyclist2Planning
Action by: Other road users
Area: Everywhere
Time / day: Always
Geography: Everywhere
Weather: Always
Status: Existing
Spread: Boston, other cities and regions with similar reporting systems
Availability: Nomadic devices
Costs: Free of charge


  • The reports of the citizens could be connected to a service checking and taking action immediately (depending on the problem, but for snow and ice this could be a good idea).
  • Possible to report on a wide variety of subjects, e.g. about cycling issues, maintenance and repair and snow.
  • Report writing, overview of own reports and favourites
  • Overview of recent reports: picture and description
  • Overview of recent reports on map: green = problem solved, red = still hanging
  • Description of the reported problem with picture, description and status of the solution.

Additional information:

Active used (different openings and closings of cases)

Safety effects:

Better state of the roads (maintenance, ice clearing) so less one sided accidents

Other benefits:

Increase of comfort for cyclists and pedestrians, also in case of snow or ice




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