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Night Cycling Network nominated for Dutch Traffic Safity Award

Mobycon’s Night Cycling Network nominated for the Dutch Traffic Safety Award! We are proud to announce that our client, the city of Zoetermeer has been nominated for the Dutch Traffic Safety Award. Mobycon was pleased to work with the City of Zoetermeer on the “Night Cycling Network”. This initiative used innovative techniques to maximize safety for cyclists, not only by day, but by night!


Cityscapes: Lively Streets and Social Capital

During his visit to Ottawa, Dick Van Veen had the opportunity to participate in an engaging conversation with Emily Munroe, Executive Director of 8:80 Cities, moderated by local Ottawa city Councilor Tobi Nussbaum. The talk, hosted at Lowertown Brewery, provided an opportunity for Dick to discuss some of his experience in creating living streets in a more informal setting.

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